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Symposia : The Documentation of Fine Art Processes and Practices : Chris Smith

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Artists' accounts: layering, description, analysis, and evaluation
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Chris Smith, Artist and Principal Lecturer, London Metropolitan University

Artists' accounts: layering, description, analysis, and evaluation

In  accounting their practice artists take note  of many possible determinants in their accounting. For instance, following the AHRC requirements for research questions, context, and methods, may lead to a particular form of account. In constructing accounts of practice there may be the necessity for a description of process and work; of analysis of practice and mode of production and reception; there may need to be an account (in a double sense) that takes the form of evaluation. This, however, still may not include all that needs to be accounted.

If imagining these as layers that exercise our archaeological skills then what constitutes our archaeological tools? If we take the concept of account what then determines their appropriateness, intelligibility, and authenticity?  Again, what media and voice will be allowed?

This paper will discuss the above from an ethnomethodological perspective and attempt to open up discussion in regard to what might be the form of a research exhibition.

Chris Smith is Principal Lecturer in the Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design, London Metropolitan University. His research interests include the relationship between theory and practice in art and design with a special interest in the nature of theorising practice. He is a member of the Art and Praxis Research Group which has been involved in a collaborative project with the Baruchello Foundation in developing work towards the theme Image / Imagine. Work with the Baruchello Foundation has included an Exhibition / Symposium on this theme at Unit 2 London Metropolitan University. He has also collaborated with Art and Language on exhibitions and symposia on the theme of 'What work does the artwork do?'. He is the editor of the Journal of Visual Art Practice.